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Science Advisory Panel Completes Report

38 Green Chemistry Options Presented to DTSC - Posted 06/04/08




The Science Advisory Panel, convened by the California Dept of Toxic Substances Control (DTSC), did not attempt to reach consensus on the options developed for presentation to Director Gorsen, and therefore, the report presents a range of options for the state to consider. Each of these options was developed by one or more individual members of the SAP, and should not be regarded as representing the consensus of the SAP.


"Green chemistry has been called chemistry's approach to creating a sustainable future. Implementing green chemistry techniques can help protect human health and the environment while opening new economic opportunities in the design and use of chemicals, materials, products and processes.


This report is the product of deliberations over the course of seven months by experts in the areas of chemistry, environmental health science, toxicology, chemical production, chemical policy and law, risk and alternatives assessment, human health, exposure assessment, environmental fate, and engineering. While the Panel was not constituted to represent the interests of the full array of stakeholders in chemicals policy, it nevertheless brought together significant expertise from diverse points of view and succeeded in agreeing to advance this final report.


The result is a framework for advancing green chemistry and a collection of options that have been proposed by one or more individuals on the Panel. While many of these options enjoy broad support among the panel members, the degree of support for any single option is neither stated nor implied.


The deliberations resulted in agreement by all members of the panel on one central concept; that is, that the advancement of green chemistry in California is an effective vehicle to promote innovation in ways that also protect human health and the environment and provide new economic opportunities to the people of California.



While strategies to accomplish this goal may differ among the members of the panel, the framework put forward by the Panel outlines the need to affect the behavior of a broad range of actors along three fundamental dimensions to bring about the adoption of green chemistry practices in California: Willingness [to change], Opportunity/motivation to change], Capacity [to change]." For complete report Click here.

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